Thursday 10 September 2015

Day 1 - Almost half way to Taipei

write this post at 5:30am Dubai time, some 12 hours after leaving Dublin. Like previous years we are heading east via Dubai. 

It's just 6 hours direct from Dublin via Emirates. Unlike previous years we now had live TV and wifi in the air. A generous 500MB costs 75cent. Great value. For me this meant I could follow the fan blogs  to keep on top of the Apple announcements. 

The flight was smooth, apart from the staff giving my vegetarian meal to someone else. 

We arrived into Dubai around 00:20 local time for a 4 hour layover before our connecting flight to Taipei. 

The heat - it does hit you. It's impossible to prepare yourself of the heat in Dubai. At this witching hour it's over 30c/90f. 

Anyhow we are now into hour two of our second flight. In about 6 hours time we should touch down in Taiwan. Exciting!

1 comment:

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