Thursday, 17 September 2015

Day 8 - A Grand Walk

A grand long walk, taking in some of the central sights was on the cards today. 

We started off by visiting the local Daan Forrest Park. It's near our apartment. The metro station here was stunning bringing in lots of the outside, inside. The Forrest park is small, full of squirrels and a amphitheater for performances. 

Jumping on the metro two stops we next arrived at Liberty plaza (as its now known), which is home to three incredible buildings, the national theatre, national concert hall and the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. 

Inside the memorial hall sits a large statue of the first president of the republic, Chiang Kai-Shek. Out of respect its guarded during the day with changing of the guard ceremonies every hour. 

It's 89 steps to reach the top, each step representing a year of his life. 

We strolled to the peace garden next, dedicated to those who died during the civil war in 1914. 

Meandering the streets we headed back towards Taipei main station to head over the river, north to see The Grand Hotel. En route we sipped on light oolong bubble tea - so delicious. 

Before visiting the hotel we took the hiking trail behind the hotel up to a temple to take in the views of the city. 

When foreign dignitaries visit they stay at The Grand Hotel. 

Before heading back to the apartment we took a detour to the Living Mall and walked though some incredible local backroad to the Xinyi commercial district. 

We had dinner at Vapiano before settling in for the night. 


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