Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Day 7 - From the Air

Today we travelled to the mountain area of Mao Gong. To get there you've to take a gondola up along the 4km route. It takes around 30 minutes. 

There are two types of Gondola, one a glass bottom. Both are same price, 50NT (€1.40) making it one of the worlds cheapest glass bottom gondolas. 

We took the glass on the way back down. There are some shaky moments but it's well worth it for the experience. At the top there are hiking trails and tea shops. 

Arriving back to the city we travel to the Miramar entertainment district which has a Ferris wheel on the top of a shopping mall. 

It takes around ten minutes to ride, and it's super scary. 

We took it easy tonight staying in. However after 3am our apartment shuck. We are on the 17th floor and we soon realised it was an earthquake. It lasted some 15 seconds, and was 5.6 in magnatude. 

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