Monday, 14 September 2015

Day 5 - West Taipei

On a lazy Sunday afternoon what's the best thing to do - explore west Taipei naturally. And unlike Europe, everything remains open here on a Sunday until at least 10pm. 

We headed to Taipei Main Station first. It's one massive building over various levels. In the main concourse 100s of teenagers gathered sitting on the floor eating and gossiping. It must be the done thing of a Sunday here. 

Connected to the station are at least three large shopping malls. We ventured into QSquare and had dinner at the same  vegetarian place we ate on day two. They have an outlet here too. 

Getting back above ground we meandered over to the Ximen District, full of narrow shopping lanes. We dined at Ireland's Potato as you do. 

We actually managed to find one store selling Abercrombie and Hollister cloths. 

The Longshan Temple was our next destination, the oldest in the area. It provides a place of worship for the locals who practice a few religions. 

Before heading home we stopped off at Carrefour at 11pm. Crazy being able to grocery shop 24 hours a day here. 

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