Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Day 13 - Bur Dubai

Like yesterday we started the day with a great feed at breakfast followed by many hours of sun bathing and pool swimming. Glorious. 

Our afternoon adventure took us to Bur Dubai, and old Dubai. The metro seems to be jammed packed every time we take it. Vinnie almost ended up in the women's carriage. 

We started off creek side before heading over the water in a water taxi. 

This area is very local unlike the large shopping malls of downtown Dubai. We found the old souk before taking the water taxi. 

It only costs 1 Dirham to cross the river. There is no schedule. The boats fill up and leave when full. 

It's about a ten minute crossing. There is no safety equipment or sides to these small boats. You sit facing out and hold on for a bumpy ride. 

We spent a while exploring the hustle and bustle of the Deira side. Business here is old school. 

Heading back to air conditioning we ventured onto the Deira City Centre mall. 

Eventually we found ourselves back in the Dubai Mall. It's the last day of the three days official mourning. Flags at half mast continue to fly on all available TV screens. The fountain outside is postponed until tomorrow when the period ends. 

After a quick stop in Waitrose we made our way back to our hotel to eat at Wagamamas. Delicious. 

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