Saturday, 19 September 2015

Day 10 - Black Bear

It was our last day in Taipei today. It's been an incredible city and we are both sad to move on. As mention before we highlighly recommend a visit to Taiwan - so few tourists and so lush with greenery too. 

The plan today was to get back to the zoo to see the panda and more importantly the native black bear with the white next tie. Yes this native black bear has a white V neck marking under his chin. So cute. 

The zoo is connected to the metro on the brown line, which is fully automated. No drivers. Entrance is so cheap, €1.60. You can even pay with your Easy Pass card. 

The zoo is massive. We somehow managed to get lost. The plan was to find the black bear first, which is at the back of the park, and work towards the entrance. However we somehow ended up in a loop lost in the insect jungle. We did see some massive butterflies. 

Once back on track we saw the giant pandas, which happened to be asleep before waking the 1km route to the black bear. 

There is a train within the zoo which can be riden using Easy Pass for a few cent. We walked. When we got to the black bear he was asleep too!!! 

Mission accomplished we made the trek back home for some lunch at Vapiano and dessert at Ice Monster. Mango ice shavings are all the rage here. Expect to see them take the world by storm in about 5 years like bubble tea has.

Ice monster is the original and best. It's like eating mango snow. So delicious. Perfect for sharing too. 

We got back for 5pm to pack. We had organised a car to pick us up at the apartment at 8pm to take us to the airport. Above is the last view from our apartment of Taipei 101. Stunning. 

Our flight to Dubai took off at 11:45pm. Taking the red eye we aim to arrive Saturday morning around 4am. The flight is just shy of 9 hours. 

Taipei has been incredible. It's very accessible for a first time visitor to Asia. English is abundant. The people are incredible friendly too. It's very safe with so much to do and see. 

Try to see Taipei and Taiwan before the rest of the world discover it. We will be back. 

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