Friday 25 September 2015

Day 14 - Outlets

Another relaxing start to today. More pool and lounging. 

With the sun setting we headed out to the Dubai Outlet Mall. It's a good 25 minutes taxi ride from downtown Dubai. 

The journey takes us out into the desert past the site that should have been a universal theme park. 

We picked up a few bargains but cut it short to get back into the city to see the dancing fountain at Dubai Mall. Now the three day mourning period was over it was normal service around the city. 

We arrived by taxi to the mall - we'd usually take the metro. But doing so allowed us to see the cars the local millionaires drive. All gold. 

After dinner in Vapiano we retired back to the hotel. In celebration of Eid our local nite club was closed. Perfect excuse to stay in. 


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