Sunday 13 September 2015

Day 4 - Taipei 101

Taking advantage of the nice clear day we ventured up Taipei 101 today. 

When opened in 2004 it was the worlds tallest building. However when the Burj Khalifa opened in Dubai it took that crown. If you've ever watched New Years celebrations from around the world you will have seen fireworks launching from the building. 

Access to the observation deck on the 89th and 91st floors costs around €15 each. The lift talking you up holds a Guinness Book of records title for being the fastest. 

Taipei is located in a valley. From the top you can really appreciate this. The size of some of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking. 

Like most tall buildings, this one has a character called the damper baby, a cute little guy who resembles the round damper ball suspended at the top of the building which sway to counteract any earthquakes and building swaying.  

On the 91st floor there is an outdoor observation deck, however due to winds only one side was opened. 

Afterwards we headed over to the adjacent mall to dine at our fav restaurant Vapiano - yes they are in Taiwan too. Located on the 10th floor it provides excellent views of Taipei 101. 

We headed to the largest night market in the city in the evening, the Shilin Night Market - it was massive. Streets after streets of stalls selling food, mostly meat and stinky too. The place was PACKED. 

We stayed in the area for about an hour before heading back via a brief stop at the Breeze Mall and the Eslite 24 hour book shop. Yes people here do visit the book store at 11pm, like the night market the store was packed. 


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