Tuesday 15 September 2015

Day 6 - National Palace Museum

We ventured north to The National Palace Museum today. It's not quite a palace, but called so due to the many treasures on display. When the republican Chinese fled the mainland they took with them many items which are now on display here. 

Getting there was straightforward enough, metro and bus. On the bus you pay/tag off when getting off as opposed to when you get on. 

The museum is located at the base of a mountain which doubles up as a national park. Popular with those who love hiking.

We rented the audio tour, which was an iPod touch preloaded with an app to give context to most of the museum items. A nice set up too. 

About 99% of the visitors must have been mainland Chinese tour groups. The place was packed. 

Before heading back into the city we took the bus from the museum back to Shilin and headed back to the night market to try the fried milk. When we visited last week they had run out. It was delicious. 

We took the metro south to visit the snake alley market, full of restaurant offering snake dishes. In the windows were cages with live snakes and mice. It was horrible. 

We rounded off the day with dinner back in our district at Vapiano and drinks at Park Taipei. 

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