Sunday 20 September 2015

Day 11 - Good Morning Dubai

We touched down at Dubai International airport around 4am local time. Your connection to the world it was announced; at least 95% of those travelling on board did make connections. 

So few staying over in Dubai these days it would seem. Even in Taipei we were asked several times it we were sure we weren't connecting ourselves.

Emirites are a sponsor of the Rugby World Cup which started as we where in the air. For fans, you could stay up to date with a live sports channel available showing every game durning the tournament. 

We got to our hotel just after 5am, a very early check in. We were thrilled to receive the suite style room as previous years. We settled in for a mornings sleep as the sun was rising; we didn't sleep a wink flying here. 

We spent the afternoon by the pool. It was glorious. 40 degree heat. Just perfect. Come sunset we headed off to the Dubai Mall. 

This is our 5th time to visit Dubai, so we feel right at home. The scale of new construction is slowing down, but nevertheless we have spotted new buildings and the odd change since last year. 

Hungry we headed to the food court and ate at a New Zealand burger chain who have recently opened up here - Burger Fuel. They have three vegetarian options, a tofu burger, pumpkin with beetroot burger and a mushroom one. Spoilt for choice. However it wasn't cheap at almost €25 for fast food. But it was worth it. So delicious. 

It took us 3 hours to complete one of the three floors. This mall is massive with over 1,000 shops. Total store frontage is said to be around 23km. 

We did notice something odd this year. There was no music being played in any of the stores. I had to ask someone, it turns out the son of the ruler of Dubai had died that day and the city was in a three day mourning period. 

Still on Taiwan time we started to feel tired around 10pm, so we popped into the Waitrose for some groceries (lots of Irish food in there too) before taking the metro back to our hotel. A nice relaxing day. 


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