Friday 11 September 2015

Day 2 - Arrived

We finally arrived around 5pm local time on Thursday. Taiwan, or the Republic of China, unlike the other China, doesn't require a visa on entry. Visitors from Ireland received a 90 day visitors visa upon arrival. 

It was all so organised - the airport is around an hour from the city. Our AirBnB host had organised a car to pick us up. And as we arrived a gentleman with my name was waiting for us. A nice air conditioned blacked out car took us to the city and our apartment. At the other end another gentlemen was awaiting our arrival outside. It was so organised. 

Our apartment right beside the Tapei 101 building. It's compact for sure. We do have very fast internet, mobile internet, a swimming pool and gym all included. Not bad. 

We took it easy tonight - visiting the local night market and the shopping area around Tapei 101. 

It's an early night to catch up on sleep and recover from jet lag. 

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